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Who is this blog for?

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Everyone who wants to change their current position. Or more specifically, anyone not happy with their present life and wants to change it in some way - be it financially or just to lead a fitter, healthier lifestyle, but do not have a realistic plan in place to do so.

Do you ever get the feeling that this is not what you signed up for in life?

Sick to death of working for the man and tired of those all too predictable delays on the daily commute.

Being carried along on a non-stop treadmill passing you through countless groundhog days with no clear way to get off.

Life does not have to be this way.

This blog is written for the people out there who have lost their direction in an era when a job is no longer for life.

If you're looking for a way out of the rat race this blog will tell you how to get your finances in order and invest in your future. Whilst also keeping your body and mind fit and healthy so that you can form a realistic escape plan.

Money might not bring you happiness, but what it does give you is options...

Modern day living is hard. Don't be fooled by older generations suggesting that we've got it too easy. In some ways they're right, but modern life also throws up a a whole host of stresses and problems that previous generations never had to deal with.

If you feel trapped or struggling to keep your head above water with modern living this blog is for you. Whether you're a graduate who doesn't want to make the mistake that your parents did and drift in to a soulless career that they now can't see a way out of, or just generally bored with your current life, approaching mid-life and want to escape to something new. This blog is for you.

It's really for anyone that wants to break free from their current position and start a new life on their own terms but doesn't know how to.

Most people are so preoccupied with everyday living, and intimidated by the scale of what they need to overcome, or the time frame that they need to do it in, that they fail to ever get an Escape Plan in place.

This blog is for the recent graduates that don't have a plan, the twenty and thirty-somethings that thought they had a plan but this wasn't it, and the forty and fifty year old's that might possibly have started out with a plan but can no longer even remember what it was! If you've arrived at this site, you want change. This blog will tell you how you can make that change happen.

Many people will probably read this and say "All very well for you. Ex-city boy, earned a fortune and can now take it easy, but what about someone on just an average wage." And it's obviously true that in theory, the more you earn the easier/quicker it should be to get yourself in to a position of financial independence. Although, many people who earn a lot of money get themselves into a position where they spend a lot as well. Likewise, many people on lower incomes don't have the knowledge or experience of managing money and investing for the long-term. I would argue that whatever your financial circumstances or earnings, you should have a plan in place unless you're happy doing what you're doing for the next forty years.

Yes, I earned a good income but it was pretty modest by city standards, and many people who earned a lot more than me are still unable to walk away from it. If you can watch the bottom line, I think you would be surprised by how little you need to be investing to make financial freedom a reality.

Many people tend to drift through life often taking the path of least resistance and finding themselves in jobs and careers that they didn't actively seek. (see 'How did we get here?'). How many of us are currently working in a job or leading a life that we aspired to as children? All too often real life gets in the way, and just trying to put food on the table or pay the mortgage causes us to put those dreams to one side sometimes forever. Function dictates future rather than aspirations or happiness.

The Escape Plan is designed to bridge this gap and to serve as a practical guide in securing your future finances and health so that these forgotten dreams can be realised.

So as I said at the start, this blog is for everyone who wants to bring about a change in their lives and wants to find out how to do it.

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